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Cynodon dactylon


  • High turf quality with fast establishment
  • Uniform dark green color
  • Dense, fine texture
  • High seedling vigor
  • Increased winter hardiness
  • Excellent for golf tees, fairways and roughs, sports fields, parks and commercial landscapes
  • Fast establishment
  • Superb drought tolerance
  • Excellent overall turf quality
  • Improved performance under humid conditions
  • To sow: Autumn, Spring,  Summer
  • Seeding Depth: 0,5 cm
  • Seeding rate: 9-12 gr/m2
  • Seeds per gram: 3300-4000 
  • Per Weight/No package : 100 g
  • Germination: 5–7 days
  • First mowing: 18–21 days, depending on usage
  • Full coverage: 4–6 weeks under ideal conditions

Α perfect choice for high end grass projects. including lawns, golf tees, fairways, roughs, and sports fields throughout the world bermuda grass seed produces a high quality, dark green, dense but fine textured. Bermuda has a finer leaf texture than most bermuda grass varieties, improved cold tolerance, and has shown better persistence under low light conditions caused by overcast, cloudy conditions, or shade from trees and structures. Bermuda exhibits short plant height.  This bermuda grass is noted for good stolon length and for rapid cover and fill in on planting sites – important for earlier opening and use of planted projects.

Planting instructions:

  • Cultivate the soil to a depth of 20-30 cm. If the soil is poor add sterilized manure and basic fertilization. Break up the soil on the surface, using the roller and level out the land.
  • Sow preferably in Autumn and Spring. Rake lightly to ensure uniform mix of the seeds. Cover the seeds with rich, sterilize soil. Use the roller to compact the soil, water with a fine sprinkler to keep the soil moist until the shoots appear.
  • Cut the grass for the first time when it reaches a height of 10-12 cm. Water periodically according to the season, soil and weather. Fertilize for conservation at least 3 times per year. Treat by spraying for the prevention or destruction of weeds as well as of pests and fungi in autumn and spring. Air and scarify the surface with a special root aerator for aeration and development of the grass.





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