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TORO POP-UP  SPRAYS 50mm (2'') LPS SERIES 4.6m (15') TVAN

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TORO POP-UP  SPRAYS 50mm (2'') LPS SERIES 4.6m (15') TVAN.

The LPS features a compact body with pre installed TVAN nozzles in 50mm (2”) pop-up heights.

It is ideal for residential, landscape and light commercial applications with its small diameter cap that allows it to blend into many landscapes.

The pre-installed TVAN nozzles have matched precipitation rates that provide even coverage.

LPS sprays feature a sturdy, one piece moulded body and a heavy duty, stainless steel retraction spring, which ensures positive shut-down.

The LPS is also available in body-only formats, that will accept the Toro fixed arc nozzle of your choice.

The LPS makes an excellent choice for professional D.I.Y. and economy contractor use.


•With pre-installed, colour-coded Variable Arc Nozzles with 4.6m (15’) radii.

•The spray’s riser thread accepts all male threaded nozzles (including all Toro MPR, TVAN and specialty pattern nozzles).

•Matched precipitation rate nozzles provide even coverage. •Adjustable arc patterns from 0° to 360°.

•Ratcheting riser permits easy arc adjustment in the field.

•“Smart Grip” nozzle design ensures easy adjustability – wet or dry, without the use of any tools.

•Pressure activated seal reduces flow-by during pop-up and keeps debris away from stem during retraction.

•Heavy-duty, stainless steel retraction spring ensures positive pop-down.

•One-piece moulded body adds durability.

• Removable nozzle, screen and internal components for flushing and servicing.

• Optional check valve.

• Replaceable seal (unlike a leading competitor).

TVAN nozzles:

•The new TVAN nozzles use the same colour coding scheme as before, but colour indication is now visible from the top of the nozzle. This allows for easy identification of the radius even when the spray is popped down.

•Colour coded tops are UV resistant.

•TVAN nozzles adjust the same way as previous models, with a fixed left stop position and adjustability from 0°-360°. Specifications

•Recommended working pressure: 140 – 480 kPa

•Spacing: 4.6m (15’) TVAN: 3.7-4.9m.

•Flow-by: 0 - 70 kPa or greater, 1.9 L/min otherwise.

•Inlet: 1/2"  female BSP threads.

•Riser accepts Toro male thread, TVAN, MPR, specialty arc nozzles.

•Exposed diameter: 32mm.

•Body height: LPS200: 50mm.

•Optional check valve maintains up to 2.1m of elevation change to prevent low-head drainage.

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