Warranty & After Sale Services:

Home and Garden Cyprus is not just an internet shop. We stand behind our products and we are responsible for goods we sell. We will provide to you all necessary customer support after purchase. All tools and machines are covered by manufacturer guarantee. It varies from 1 to 3 years. In some cases it may be more. 

Our qualified technicians will answer your questions regarding maintenance, service and using of your tools  should you  have any.

In case of malfunction we will take care of the repair procedure. In some warranty cases we may exchange the machine with a new one

For more detailed information please refer to owner's manual of your tool and our terms of service.

As an exclusive importer and representative of Mega Group Power Products (Mega, Sungarden, Tonino Lamborhini) and ELPUMPS in Cyprus one of our duties is to provide a full support of the products we sell. We would like to offer to our customers the following:

  • Authorized and qualified technician service to repair and maintain our products
  • Stock of spare parts, spare engines and accessories for each model we sell
  • Remote help and free consultation by phone
  • Warranty extension program*
  • Delivery of the machines for service

If you have any questions regarding after sale service please contact us by phone or e-mail.